Center for Teaching and Learning

Graduate Teaching Certificate


A program for graduate student teaching assistants (TAs) who have completed a series of requirements attesting to their training and experience in pedagogy. This is in addition to the training received by all teaching assistants at the orientation conducted by the Office of Graduate Studies.


  1. Improve the instructional performance of TAs while at UTD.
  2. Encourage the use of evidence-based best practices in instruction.
  3. Improve instructional performance for those pursuing a teaching career in higher education.
  4. Encourage reflection and innovation in pedagogy for those new to teaching.
  5. Enhance employment prospects by developing professional skills and strategies related to teaching.


In order to earn a graduate teaching certificate, recipients must complete the following four activities related to teaching. 

  1. Courses in Pedagogy

Complete the following four courses developed by Epigeum and licensed to UTD: (1) Avoiding Plagiarism, (2) Lecturing 1, (3) Making the Most of Discussion, and (4) Marking and Giving Feedback. These are short, online courses that can be completed in a self-paced manner.

  1. Instructional Development Workshops and Events

Attend a minimum of three teaching development workshops or events. The teaching assistant is required to complete a one page reflective essay on the experience for each of the workshops or events.

  1. Teaching Observation and Feedback

Arrange to have a faculty mentor or designated UTD personnel observe at least one session of a student’s teaching and receive feedback from that individual. The teaching assistant is required to complete a one page reflective essay on the experience.

  1. Teaching Experience

Complete a full semester of teaching at UTD. Teaching is broadly defined as having regularly scheduled instructional duties with students in a classroom, studio, laboratory, or online, in which the teaching assistant has some responsibility for learning activities over an extended period of time. The teaching assistant can serve as a grader, lab supervisor, tutor, discussion leader, independent instructor, or another pedagogical role appropriate to the class or school. Download: Completing Your Graduate Teaching Certificate Download: Graduate Teaching Certificate – Initial Intent Form