Center for Teaching and Learning

Teaching Certificates

These are programs for graduate student teaching assistants (TAs) and post-doctoral associates who complete a series of requirements attesting to their training and experience in pedagogy.

  • Graduate Teaching Certificate (GTC): Graduate Teaching Assistants (TAs) complete several courses on teaching, attend a minimum number of workshops and events, receive feedback from faculty after a teaching observation, and complete a minimum number of semesters teaching.
  • Advanced Graduate Teaching Certificate (AGTC): Students who complete GTC requirement are eligible for the AGTC program. This involves additional pedagogical coursework, workshops, and activities exploring instructional approaches.
  • Post-Doctoral Teaching Certificate: The Post-Doctoral Teaching Certificate is open to all post-doctoral associates who have instructional responsibilities. Requirements are similar to those for the Graduate Teaching Certificate.
  • Online Teaching Certificate: The eLearning Team offers three levels of Online Teaching Certification. Each level requires 13 hours of instruction which uses the blended model, allowing instructors to experience the online tools and educational environment as students prior to teaching. The certificates focus on pedagogy, University policies and processes, learning management system functionality, multimedia production, and online tools (web conferencing, audience response systems, surveys, etc.). For more information, see: